Trekking in Bangalore from Wild Valley

Event Date -  Happens Every Day

Event Start Time - 06:00 AM

Event End Time - 10:30 AM

Venue - Wild Valley Adventure Retreat, Bangalore

Event Organizer - Wild Valley Adventure Retreat

Event Ticket Price - 499/- Per Participant

Inclusions - Trekking, Cave Exploration, Breakfast, 1 Hour Access to Swimming Pool

Things to Bring - Sports/Trekking/Hiking Shoes, Sports Wear, Extra Pair of cloths, Back Pack, Water Bottle.

Trekking in Bangalore | Trekking Place Near Bangalore

We are living in a world where people are so busy in their regular schedule, that they can't even get a single minute of time to live their life as they want.For those people outdoor activities is nothing but just a dream that only comes true when they take some days off from their work or regular schedule.Due to lack of outdoor activities people are getting obsessed,lack of physical development and depressed. To overcome these issue we suggest you to plan a vacation trip which includes some outdoor activities like trekking. There are many places where you can go for trekking in India but over the last few years Bangalore has become top priority place to visit in India as a tourist. To see the beauty of this city the best option is to go for trekking and explore this place.Now before planning for trekking trip lets see what actually is trekking.



About Trekking in Bangalore-

Before going for a trekking trip we have to understand what is trekking. So, trekking is an outdoor activity of walking for some hour. It is a form of walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery. Trekking could be motive,it could be a journey,a party or social gathering.

Trekking is more challenging than outing since it tests one's ability,endurance and their mental as well as psychological capacity.There are many different ways to do a trek,it usually takes place on trails in areas of relatively unspoiled wilderness.

As we hear word trekking some of us might think about hilly station and their situated Himalayas.Well trekking is not just for hilly stations there are other several places in India for trekking.Bangalore is among those places due to its mountains,forests and its wilderness. If you are planning a trip in Bangalore then hands down it is the best decision for enjoying some best moments of your life.The WildValley resorts is an essential visit in Bangalore due to its accessible location, plans for trekking and the finest experience that you will get.



Trekking Experience-

Now we know about trekking in brief but you may be wandering what will be its experience. The experience of trekking is fascinating and we believe that you will perceive these experience if you choose us for trekking.


The thrilling Trek-

Basically trekking is type of group activity that involves a lot of things which give an astounding experience. Before the trekking starts you will select the location and the distance that you want to explore. The first hour of trekking might feel difficult and challenging mission for those who are not used to it.As you go further in trek you will discover some of the unseen places and that will become the best memorable part of your journey. We assure you that with us you trekking trip will be full of adventure and lots of fun without any problem.


Celebrate Solitude-

While trekking is group activity but also it is an ideal adventurous choice as solo too. Some people like to enjoy alone for some period of time rather than in group.There are few things in life that are meant to be done by oneself and we also support this ideology. Just imagine of sitting below the branches of tree while having a glimpse of nature.This is the reason why some people prefer to go alone, if you are one of those and looking to spend some quality time with full of adventure activities,then trekking is the most suitable choice you should do at WildValley resort.


Beyond the limitations-

From the childhood we are told that everything has their own limits either pointing to physical ability or mental ability.Sometimes this type of mindset keeps away from our goals or achievements.To overcome this you must go for our resort trekking trip as in the this trip you will face several challenges which will encourage you to surpass your limits so that you can live your life freely and that experience you will never forget till the end of your life.


Adventurous activities-

Either it is trekking or any other vacation plan we cannot imagine them without any adventurous activity.There are numerous activities that we offer in our trekking plan such as walking on trails,zip lines,roping,camping and other complimentary activities. With these amount of activities we are clearly sure that you will be amazed from your first day.


Dazzling View-

There is nothing better than beauty of our planet and the thing is that we cannot experience it in our regular schedule.This makes this trip an ideal choice because it gives an amzing closure to the nature, you can gaze at millions of stars at night and you can have meal in a peaceful environment.


We hope that now you have a clear view of experience that you will get. For some people it might be new and difficult to choose a place which matches the quality as per their expectations.This is why they should go with Wildvalley resort,as in our resort we provide proper guidance and fully support to our guests,so that you do not have to worry about anything.



Benefits of trekking in Bangalore-

Trekking can be viewed from two different points: as an intense exercise, or an amazing and unique learning experience.By involving trekking, you can realize that how beautiful is nature and you will be grateful to live in place like earth.You will see things differently and feel refreshed.

These are the major benefits of trekking-

  • Overall improve fitness

  • Reduce stress

  • Social benefits

  • Skill development

  • Wildlife encounters

  • Team Coordination

  • Satisfaction for your mind,body and soul.

  • Different perspective towards life

Aside from these there are many possible benefits that you will obtain from this trip.And when you will go to office after this trip you will be energetic and ready for any task.




Why Trekking at WilldValley-

Solo trekking or group trekking by own-self can be really dangerous.Because first you are new to that place and do not know much about that place.Second trekking is not just about walking miles in a wild forest and then finding a way to get out of that forest.In fact it is about to explore places with some adventurous activity and all of things under the supervision of some person.And the last,the quality of trekking by own will not match your own expectations and you might feel disappointed at the end.This is the reason why you should opt for WildValley resorts,as we provide genuine services,affordable plans,marvelous environment and with premium experience.When you choose our resort trekking plan, you will be offered trekking,more than a dozen of adventure activities , camping and delicious meal which are cooked in proper hygienic process & and under the guidance of supervisor.These offerings makes us the best resort in Bangalore.Once you visit here,you will be ensured with us and will come over and over again without any regret.


Have a great day ahead !