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Wild Valley Aclat Meadows - Resorts in Sakleshpur


Resort: Wild Valley Aclat Meadows


Package Included Activities


Swimming Pool

Target Shooting.jpg

Target Shooting

playing cards.jpeg

Playing Cards

Rain dance2.jpg

Rain Dance





Superman Zipline.jpg

Superman Zipline


Bonfire With Music


Kids Play Area

chess games.jpg


Buffet/Food Menu & Timing

Wild Valley Aclat Meadows - Breakfast - Resorts in Sakleshpur


9:00AM - 10:30AM

Tea, Coffee, 
Akki Roti/ Idli/Kadabu 
Upma/Rice Bath/Pongal
Chutney, Sambar.  Kesari bhat
Bread and Jam

Wild Valley Aclat Meadows - Dinner - Camping in Sakleshpur


9:00PM - 10:30PM

Veg Starter, Poori/Chapati
Veg Gravy, Flavoured Rice, Anna Rasam/ sambar, Curd, Papad, Sweet/Payasam, Pickle
Non -veg :Chicken Biryani /Gravy

Wild Valley Aclat Meadows - Lunch - Resorts in Sakleshpur


1:30PM - 3:00PM

Veg Starter, Poori/Chapati
Veg Gravy, Flavoured Rice, Anna Rasam/ sambar, Curd, Papad, Sweet/Payasam, Pickle
Non -veg : Chicken Biryani /Gravy

Wild Valley Aclat Meadows - Hi-Tea - Camping in Sakleshpur


5:00PM - 6:00PM



Tea, Coffee & Snacks

Resorts in Sakleshpur | Sakleshpur Resorts | Wild Valley

Wild Valley Aclat Meadows is one of the magnificent resorts in Sakleshpur owned by Hurray Holidays Private Limited, which is highly popular for its hospitality across the country. We offer the best hospitality to our loving guests and mind-boggling adventurous activities with a cost-effective budget, which is the yummiest cherry on the cake.

We, at Wild Valley Aclat Meadows, offer you the best homestay in Sakleshpur including all the action, adventure, and thrill that your life needs. Our resort in Sakleshpur has been serving guests from all parts of the country for the past two years. We are situated just 250 km from the beautiful city of Bengaluru, Karnataka, at Sakleshpur, a popular hill station in the mountain range of the Western Ghats. The rainy season has been up to par these days and we know for sure that if you choose your way to one of the finest resorts in Sakleshpur-Wild Valley Aclat Meadows, it is going to be the most delightful scenic journey from Bangalore to Sakleshpur or from any other part of the country for that matter.

We are located near the famous Bisle Ghat viewpoint, providing one of the best cottages and tent stays for all our guests. The main attraction that our resort is popular for is the tent stay that holds a view of the lovely river stream, providing everyone with the most thrilling wildlife experience ever. Our "Tent Stay'' is not just limited to the river view, but the Mountain View tent stay is offered as well. Accommodation is something our resort in Sakleshpur is highly famous for and so, apart from other scenic view tent stays, we also offer cottages for both families and couples.

We provide hygienic and homely meals for our guests and considering the weather the options are mouth-watering. An evening Hi-Tea session with tasty snacks in the aesthetic weather and a warm bonfire is something highly irresistible and is the most exciting part at the end of the day with us. Our exciting and adventurous activities such as Superman Zipline, sky cycling, bonfire with music, plantation walk, indoor and outdoor games activities like carom, volleyball, badminton, and cricket are the healthiest pleasures which we offer our guests.

There are a lot of such hill stations but not as beautiful as the throne of Sakleshpur which has been a great tourist adventure spot over time. For this very reason, our resort aims to deliver you the utmost as we are the ones to host. If you're looking for a fun homestay in Sakleshpur with a getaway weekend that includes something other than parties and pubs, primarily a taste of breathtaking nature, then Wild Valley Aclat Meadows is your ticket to an adventure-filled weekend. We live by the motto "You dream and we host," so contact us today as our experienced and super friendly staff are going to make your stay more than welcoming.

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