Significance of a Hut

What is a Hut? Why is it very important in our tradition? In those days, there

were no buildings for stay. Almost all the houses were huts that were made out

of wood and had a roof overhead which used to provide a chill ambience

through out the day. In order to retrieve the old legendary tradition and culture,

we had decided to keep up the work and provide some legitimate comfort along

with cent percent privacy without any unnecessary disturbances through out the

stay. Come along and get soaked in this fabulous feel of oneness with nature.

What does it feel like?

Ever wondered how would it feel like to explore an unknown isolated place and

live in the huts to take rest alongside ? Well you must undoubtedly admit the

fact that this kind of opportunity is like a cherry on the cake. A guaranteed trust

from our side to assist you in this holiday spot. That’s the traditional Indian way

of living. Enjoy the pleasant exposure to serenity.

And Last but not the Least ( why to choose? )

A cozy comfortable stay to sync along with mother nature not only guarantees a

picture perfect experience but also makes it amazing to cherish.

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