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From the very beginning, Manipal has been known to be the biggest educational hub of the state and it has produced some of the finest educational institutes in the country. But one does not know that apart from being the greatest educational hub it also is a great tourist spot and has some places to visit in and around. Residing in the suburbs near the district of Udupi Manipal is one of the finest tourist spots. If you happen to visit Udupi then do stop by the wonderful city of Manipal as it is not only an education hub but also a great tourist place with several places to visit and have fun. The city has its ancient dilemma. So let us now have a look at some of the must-visit places in the city of Manipal.

Some of the places to visit near Manipal are:-

Manipal End Point Park:- It is a non-introductory tourist spot in Manipal. It doesn't need any introduction for sure because the view that it holds is inexpressible. Despite all the other factors, the Western coast surrounded by the Suvarna river and with a delta in the Arabian sea is a worthwhile view for sure. So have some of the most eye gazing moments with defining it sunset and so much more. The endpoint is a particular place to cycle, jog and get the most appealing feels and so this particular page is a Mustang out while you are in Manipal.

Saint Mary Isles:- Well when it comes to South Indian coconut we all know how interdependent they are the girls it's all about the coconut when you are in a sudden hut. Saint Mary Isles is a group of islands where you will find a large population of coconut trees swimming in the chilly wind, also known as Coconut Island. The breathtaking Arabian sea is another factor that you should visit Saint Mary Isles because this particular hotspot has a must-visit one for sure.

Manipal Lake:- Who doesn't want to sit by a lake and enjoy the beauty of its calm and peaceful water because that's what Manipal Lake is all about in the city of Manipal. The best time to visit Manipal lake is the post-monsoon when you get to have peaceful boating. So do stop by Manipal Lake whenever you are in the mood to make it.

Arbi falls:- Another beautiful fall near Udupi district in the city of Manipal where you get to sightsee the smallest stream to be called a real waterfall but indefinite stand under your visiting list because of its beauty and worth the gaze.

Hoodie Beach:- Well if you are in Manipal then there is a particular 20 that you should stop by because there can never be any beaches. Yes, you are right the beach is none other than a hoodie beach that has its significance and unspeakable beauty. Well, that's not only the reason for visiting Hoodie Beach as the sandy pathway makes you go the long way. So turn up with a partner or family but you are going to have fun with the beautiful scenery in and around.

Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village:- If you are in Manipal's very next stop you should land on lease Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village which is a unique museum showcasing the old traditional houses of Karnataka. The best part about the museum is that the houses are carefully dismantled and preserved in the museum to have a gazing look at the ancient history of Karnataka's residents.

Chikmagalur:- Chikmagalur is another spot where you should visit nearby Manipal. Just within a range of 160 km, Bangalore has been a great connection to Manipal over the years for sure it is one of the finest places for a perfect weekend trip and the much-needed break which you have been looking for a long time. Get ready with a bunch of bags because of the chilly weather and the most amazing coffee Chikmagalur is more than a scenic beauty for mountain lovers. Being the largest coffee producer in India, Chikmagalur has the finest and the tastiest coffee in the country. So, do not forget to have your perfect Latte when you stop by.

Railway Bridge:- If you are out of budget and I have no place to go Railway Bridge is near Manipal play switch to save the day for you. Located just 5 km away from the Tiger Circle the railway bridge is a place where you can hang around and have the great vibration of trains passing through. Sheikh is worth remembering. It is generally asked not to visit the railway bridge during the monsoon due to the slippery rocks but other than that you have got to go.

Hanging bridge:-Another bridge if you are visiting Manipal and have visited all the places on a bucket list or not you still have one of the nicest places to visit and that is the Hanging bridge where just need to borrow a bicycle in your perfect nostalgic cycling trip in the hanging bridge located beside a small backwaters channel.

Above are a few of the places, one can stop by while visiting Manipal because it is never too late to explore above are not only a few things but there are much more to explore once you get started so what are you waiting for? Pack everything up and visit and explore Manipal and all of its nearby places.

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