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Updated: May 27

Udupi is a beautiful coastal city in the South West of Karnataka. Well, Karnataka is famous for its coastal regions due to the beautiful city of Udupi which not only serves as a tourist city but has many ancient South Indian historical monuments portraying the beauty of pure art. Decide the beaches of Udupi is highly famous for their tourist attractions of ancient temples built back in the 400 BC to the 13th century. Being a coastal area of the state it has its pack and is one of the highest tourist attractions with great revenue for both the ministry of tourism and the localities as well.

Let us now have a look at some of the best places to visit in the city of Udupi:-

1. The Sri Krishna temple:- Well if you're someone who is driven by the ancient beauty and 8 then a must-visit place while you are in Udupi is the Sri Krishna temple which is known for its mythological story of Krishna and Radha it has got a beautiful complex all around with great architectural. If you are in Udupi and want to have a holy experience, then this is a place for you. The place is well maintained and has had great management over the years and is pretty cheap in terms of entrance tickets as well. It charges nearly rupees hundred to get a quick Darshan there. This exact route of the temple is one of its architectural views and it's worth watching which includes eye-catching lighting programs such as the Rath Utsav and bhajans performed. The temple has a great location and easy access with a huge parking area for devotees' accessibility.

2. Malpe beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Udupi region and is a must-visit beach of all times with its commercial space. What is the major tourist spot in the city of Udupi which is highly known for its fishing harbor and beautiful Saint Mary's Island which holds some beaches all along? Saint Mary's Island in malpe beach is located just 6 km from the Udupi port and it is one of the most significant fishing harbors. The glimpse of pure blue sky with tall palm trees is one of the perfect mood-setting things about the maple. Apart from all the beautiful scenery, maple beach has a historic vadabhandeshwara Balaram temple, which is unquestionable in terms of its architectural beauty. If you happen to be in the city of Udupi beach is a must-visit beach on your list.

3. Kudlu theertha falls:- There is no way if you happen to be in Udupi and not visit a waterfall because the beauty of its coastal plains is only with the waters around and beaches and waterfalls should be a part of it. One such wonderful scenic waterfall is the kudlu theertha falls which holds one of the most unique and tallest waterfalls of all time. The beauty of waterfalls is only with the flow of the rainbow there and so witnessing a rainbow is more likely in the heart of Kudlu theertha falls especially in the post-lunch period. Due to the shallow pool, frolicking in the next way of having fun all over. So next time you end up in the city of Udupi don't forget to land in the kudlu theertha falls.

4. Kodi beach is the finest beach in the coastal region of Udupi as it's surrounded by water in over 3 areas and has a very scenic route. Due to this particular reason, the Kodi beach is also known as the delta beach because of its deltic zone. A walk by Kodi beach is a must while you are around here and the boat ride around the dense mangroves makes it even more unique than the rest of the beaches around. If you are in Udupi then do stop by Kodi beach and have the fun of your own with amazing seafood and delightful scenes.

1. Coin Museum Corp Bank:- Udupi is not only known for its possible reasons but also the ancient mythological history and much better than you thought that beaches and falls and only sightseeing options in the city but we have way more because Coin Museum Corp Bank is a place where you can encounter the coins from ancient centuries and dates back. With a wide range of collections of coins from the date back the centuries, this unique museum has a wide range of displays of points which we want to be circulated in our country. Not only that but it holds facts and figures with some recent currency notes as well. So to open up the book of your brain and acquire knowledge one should end up at the Coin Museum Corp Bank and encounter some of the finest historical currency of India.

5. Mattu Beach:- If you're someone who seeks to have a little privacy of your own with a peaceful view then I am one then you should hang around because not only is it neat and clean and less crowded but it is a pleasant place to have a long walk or even jog. It might not be a commercial tourist place but the beach holds its beauty and is highly well maintained. Well, this beach is a way away from the Hazel-free crowd, unlike the maple beach. So you should pack your bag to have a peaceful moment on the very secluded beach in the heart of Udupi known as the Mattu beach.

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