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Updated: May 27

There are several places to visit in Ramanagara and if you are someone who is in high doubts because of it, we bring you the most sought-after list of the best options to choose from, while you are at Ramanagara. So what are you waiting for, let’s get started?

SRS Temple, Ramanagara:- The very first thing that comes into our head while being in Ramanagara is the visit to Sri Revanna Siddeshwara Temple which holds great significance due to its historic Roots and specifically if you talk about the Indian history of having a beautiful Gigantic Cave.

With a monolithic stone thereby making it is one of the most significant places to visit while being in Ramanagara. Visiting the SR's Temple, Ramanagar is 65 km away from the city of Bangalore and so several people love to travel from different parts of Karnataka and Bangalore itself to the region of Shri Veena Siddeshwar Hills. Even if you’re not from Bangalore you can still have a must-visit to Sri Siddeshwara Ramanagara because it provides you mainly with the very apt package that you need and the trek here is very smooth as well as you get to do kayaking and revealing at the same time.

Sholay Shooting Hilltop:- Well as we said there are way more things to do in Ramanagara than just a general sightseeing or an adventurous sport because here you get to visit the most famous shooting place of Indian Cinema, Known as the Sholay Shooting Hilltop where the movie Sholay was being short for nearly 2.1/2 years. It was one of the major reasons this particular place became famous and gained its huge popularity as it was the Iconic hideout of Gabbar. The place is loved and visited by thousands of people every year.

Janapada Loka:- Another place must-visit, while you are in Ramanagara, is a Janapada Loka and if you are someone who is really into the world of folk then you should definitely visit this particular place as it is quite interesting and mainly known for its folk culture world. It was built in the late 19th century and this particular folk museum is considered to be very intriguing and you’ll be keen to know everything about the culture here if you do give a visit. So why wait when you can just get on the wheels and visit the beautiful museum Janapada Loka which is not very far away from Bangalore as well.

Ramanagara Silk Cocoon Market:- Karnataka is an important hub for rearing cocoons for silk and every one of us is aware of it. So talking about it there is another significant place to visit and sightsee while you are at Ramanagara is the Ramanagara Silk cocoon market which you get to explore here. It is considered to be Asia’s largest cocoon market and holds great uniqueness being just 40 km away from Bangalore this particular market is a must discover for all of you. And one of the major facts about the place is that every day nearly 50,000 kgs of cocoons are being sold here as well as freshly cultivated by the farmers.

Arkavathi River:- If you are a fan of waters and scenic views then you should know that Ramanagara holds an endless number of such views with both mountains and water being on the side giving you the advantage of an extreme. You can give your eyes a complete feast and jaw-dropping view from the Arkavati River and you’ll be a price to know that it is not the only river or water body that is being available in the region there are many other similar views and since we have been talking about it do not forget to have and the experience of kayaking in the Mekedatu River.

Ramadevara Beta Hill:- As we know the Ramanagara is highly famous for its Inka impeccable beauty of nature and beautiful hills such as the SRS Hill but apart from that there is another hill range known as the Ramadevara Beta Hill which is just as amazing. It is 30,000 feet from the ground and not only holds a fantastic view but also provides. The most peaceful moment which you deserve and require.

Visit Channapatna:- Beautiful town of Channapatna is this city situated in the Ramanagara district it is famous for its beautiful handmade toys and is also known as a town of toys because it is an amazing hotspot for manufacturing beautiful and creative wooden toys in an hour sold all over the world.

Above were a few of the most amazing places that we talked about and must-visit places in the city of Ramanagara, so if you happened to visit there we modified your biggest list of yours into a very significant one. It is just 65 km away from the city of Bangalore and if you ever happen to visit any of the places above do let us know in the comment section below.

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