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Mangalore is among the top 3 cities in Karnataka and well the only beautiful city which has a wide range of natural beauty, it's some of the most amazing beaches and tourist spots of all time. Well, Bangalore is a great commercial place for India holding some of the finest ports in the country on the Arabian sea. Along with the beaches, it is one of those places which is known for its diverse ancient beauty of both temples and churches altogether. Well, it is only in Mangalore where you can have the fun of wild beaches as well as the dense beauty of Western Ghats altogether the city is located between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. Bangalore is not just a new city but has been developing ever since. It's highly known for its beaches but also the historical aspect of this particular city isn't less as well.

We all know for the fact that Mangalore is not just a nature city but also holds great historical significance in terms of sightseeing monuments and much more.

Tannirbhavi beach:-If you happen to be in Bangalore and have not visited the beach is a crime because that is what mainly Bangalore is known about, its eye-catching and the most peaceful beaches of all the time enhancing the red beauty of the Arabian sea and its backwaters. Well, Bangalore is famous for all the reasons but beaches are the nicest reason of all time. Coastal Karnataka and its beauty have been there ever since and Tannirbhavi beach main region for extensive fun of your own. There are a lot of activities that can be performed as Tannirbhavi beach is one of the safest places to have fun water activities with your family or friends. The best part about it is that the shore is not too deep which makes it one of the safest places to be with kids as well.

Pilikula Nisargadhama:- If you are someone who looks for the lush more than the beaches, then, Pilikula Nisargadhama is the one must-visit destination for you in the city of Mangalore. The park is one of the diverse biological parks in the city of Mangalore enhancing the beauty of Western Ghats, is very well maintained by the development authority, and serves as a multipurpose tourist attraction for all the people across the world. There are Multiple facilities in this particular park and so every little thing can be administered therefore if you happen to be in the city of Mangalore do not forget to visit Pilikula Nisargadhama.

The kudroli Gokarna temple:- As we talked about Mangalore being a historic monument there are a lot of great sacred places and one such place is the kudroli Gokarna temple. Well, this particular temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of Manjunath. Well in the form of Lord Shiva known as the Gokarnath this particular temple is all dedicated.

Panambur beach:-Well paramour beach is another outstanding beach in Mangalore which is not only popular for its amazing scenery but also in terms of safety. Several water sports can be done with amazing sunset views and so the adventure and peace along with altogether in the beautiful beach of paramour Mangalore. Watersports such as Jetski, boating, camel ride for kids, dolphin viewing, and mouth-watering seafood cuisines with all the natural fruit syrups is the exact one what paramour beach is all about. If you are a beach person or not, paramour beach is a must-visit if you happen to be in Mangalore.

NITK lighthouse:- Well we have all been talking about beaches all along but the best part about the beach is when you have a little island of your own and you need a lighthouse on for it because the perfect portrays with the clear sky is a must needed when you are out in the beaches. The NITK lighthouse is situated on the NITK beach situated in the Northern part of Bangalore city. The breathtaking viewpoint from the lighthouse is a must-visit and captures the moment for sure because you definitely might find beaches everywhere but lighthouses are limited. If you are booking air tickets from Mangalore then do keep NITK lighthouse on your list for sure.

Above a few of the things that we were talking about the city of Mangalore and even though it is not the biggest city in the Karnataka state we all know that the heart lies with the nature does and it is a part of beaches as well as Ghats so being in the laps of nature Mangalore has served a great source of tourism for people from all parts of the country and even the world. Being the most amazing commercial space due to the port city, this particular state has won the nicest of all in terms of efficient communication, sightseeing, and a budget-friendly trip. So grab your suitcase and come to the city of Mangalore where the beaches and the Ghats welcome all together making it just the most wonderful experience that you required.

Lately due to covid-19 things have been pretty hard for all of us and for this particular reason we can all agree that a must break is needed so you can be that much-needed break for you. Be it a work trip or a peaceful one, have the fun of your own in both ways because Mangalore avoids the most amazing crowd of all time.

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