Few Reasons to Visit Kodi beach

Updated: May 27

Beaches are one of the most beautiful tourist spots of all time and not just for one reason but many times because it holds immense sentimental values as a way to relax and have a peaceful time with oneself. From the very beginning, features have been highly known to attract tourism. There are a variety of beaches in the world from plains to Rocky ones or even the glass or Urban beaches which have been developed for recent year's tourism purposes. Well, each one of them has its significance, and India being a tropical country has a wide range of beaches all around from the Arabian sea, to the Bay of Bengal and even the Indian Ocean.

The Ministry of Tourism, India has marketed several beaches for its tourism, and millions of people each day travel to different places to catch sight of these wonderful beaches all across the country. Since we have all been talking about beaches for a while now one must know that India being a place with some beaches still has one such beach with its unique Beauty in great features. Well, the beach is popularly known as Kodi Beach.

Kodi Beach- The Delta Beach of India

Kodi beach is one of the most unique beaches in India mainly for its clean lite golden color stand which is the most beautiful thing about it and makes it entirely Prettier to your sight. Most importantly this particular beach has surrounded the water on three sides which makes it entirely beautiful and unique for people to witness. And that's why it is much more than just sightseeing because here you get the perfect measure of peace and party all together.

Well, the specialty of every beach is one of its sports but in the case of holy beach not only is there a small fort for fisheries but also is famous for its exquisite seafood cuisines. There are many activities where you can have full-time fun with alluring boat rides into the gents' nearby mango grooves and enjoy a wonderful afternoon with seasoning food, stunning sunsets, and whatnot. Kodi Beach has been one of the most popular beaches located in the coastal areas of Udupi, Karnataka.

Udupi is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Karnataka with great tourist spots and Kodi beach is one of the main highlights of this particular coastal area. If you happen to visit Udupi, Kodi beach is one of the must-visit beaches in the region. Not only that but if you are a great swimmer then this particular beach is exactly made for you because it has amazing sinking sand and is great for deep divers. Well not necessarily everyone can have a swim on the beach because of its port area but it is a great place to be in, be it sightseeing of mesmerizing sunrise and sunset with the view of tri water areas or having the peace walk in the long lane beach area.

Few of the reasons to visit Kodi Beach

We all know that Kodi Beach is surrounded by water from three sides and as a formation of delta and for this particular reason is also known as the delta beach as well as the point that meets to its tri-ends is called the "Sangama point ".

  • Kodi Beach is stunningly beautiful and if you are a beach person then the body is a must-visit place for you because of the uniqueness and outstanding sightseeing different features of this particular beach are known by people from all parts of the country.

  • Water sports are one of the major skincare about this particular beach because since the water level is Deep enough one must also know that the sports such as surfing are one of the most popular water sports along with fishing and so much more. The most outstanding view from the lighthouse featuring the entire angle and the perfect picture captured from a 360-degree angle view is a must-do thing while you are in Kodi beach.

  • If you are someone who wants to have a pleasant environment while sightseeing then puri beach is a must on your list Because it provides you with a wide look at the land surrounded by water from three sides.

  • One must know that Kodi beach is definitely a gem in Udupi and so do not skip the beautiful long walk by the beachside surrounded by water from three different sides all over. Having a beautiful shore is one of the major reasons Kodi beach is famous. Well, the word "Kodi" in Kannada means "shore", saying everything about the beach and its beauty by the shore.

Well, these were a few of the reasons why you should visit Kodi Beach, Udupi, and Karnataka. Along with that, we know for a fact that it is one of the most amazing coastal areas in Karnataka so you not only get the benefit of sightseeing the beaches but also the region around Udupi. Besides all the above reasons if you are a beach lover then that's the reason enough for you to shower yourself with the beauty of this wonderful beach and give yourself the moment of peace that you deserve because the beach is loved for eternity. So have a beautiful backpack or a family along but do visit the Kodi Beach, Udupi, and let us know your experience.

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