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About 8 km in northeast of Kundapur, Hattiangadi Village is located in the Udupi District of Karnataka. Hattiangadi Village is famous for the ancient Shri Siddhivinayak Temple built in the eighth century and dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is named after one of the Lord Ganesa name Siddhivinayak, which means ‘He is the giver of all siddhis, meaning achievement, success and perfection.’ It is a historical and well-known pilgrimage site for the Hindus because it is the only temple of Lord Ganesha in the entire world where the idol of Lord Ganesha is with jata-hair. Lord Ganesha's trunk is bent towards the left. And the idol is 2.5 feet height carved from a Saligrama Stone with the Right hand inside the basement and the Left hand holding a vessel filled with modaks. The curly hair of Vinayaka is left loose at the back. The experts believe that the idol may be in standing posture and is of Bal Ganesha with just two arms and various ornaments all over the body.

Hattiangadi is now a small village but its beautiful landscape can attract anyone’s attention with Lush green mountains on one side and the flowing Varahi River on the other. During the Sixteenth Century, Sri Govindarama Yathivrya (Saint) used to visit the temple for meditation. And the then priest of the temple, Priest Rama Bhatt, got the reputation of Kavi Rama (Poet Rama). Priest Rama Bhatta also predicted that in the upcoming three hundred years the temple will become famous worldwide and see that the prediction was absolutely true! Devotees visit this temple from all across the world.


Hattiangadi was known as Pattinagara during the seventh and eighth centuries and was the capital of Alupa Kings, who ruled Tulunadu during this period. Alupa Kings had some ties with the nearby Jain Cities such as Purigere, earlier known as Lakshmeeshwara, and Hombuja, earlier known as Humcha. Hattiangadi was also known as Goshtipura because it hosted a number of intellectual debates during the reign of Hoysala and Honnekambala Kings. The Holy Temple was renovated firstly in 1980 and then in 1997 and the entire temple was built in Granites. Thirty-two idols of Lord Ganesha were brought and installed on the temple premises, along which Navgraha (Nine Planets) Temple was also constructed.


On special Occasions such as Ganesha Chowthi, Sankashtahara Chaturthi, and Navratri, and on the request of devotees every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday; A yaga using 108 coconuts, Sahasra Narikela Ganayaga, Sri Sathya Ganapathi Vratha, Laksha Doorvarchane, Sindhura (kumkum) Archane, and others poojas are offered here for Lord Vinayaka.

And from the official website of the temple, it can be seen that 30 types of pooja are done in the temple on a daily basis which includes Mangalarathi, Havana, Rudrabhisheka, Offering of Prasads, and more. In addition to this, there is a list of Special Pooja Services, Monthly Seva Services, and Permanent Seva Services.

If the devotee can’t reach the temple to have Pooja Prasad, Temple Trust People take care of such devotees and provide a facility of sending Pooja Prasad to your given address. And even if you want to do any Pooja for someone, You just have to provide basic details like the Name of the Person (for the pooja to be done), Rashi, Nakshatra and Gothra, and the address, and your Pooja will be done by the Priest of the Temple. The amount of Pooja Services has to be transferred to the Temple’s Trust Bank Account, whose details are given on the official website to the temple. You can see how technology has helped us to even connect to God even sitting at home… How strange! Earlier people used to do Tapasyas and Meditate to get the Pooja done.


Central Gurukul English Medium Residential School is being run by the temple to provide quality education and help the children to brighten their future. The Temple Management Team is also developing the Herbal Plantation worth Rs. 1 Crore and grows important herbals as mentioned in the Holy Book of Hindus. It also has a fountain, other lights, and a sound system to entertain the visitors.

Sri Ramchandra Bhat's team is the Managing Trustee of the temple and has done every essential work and pouted efforts in making a Perfect Hindu pilgrimage. Temple is connected to the well-built roads and also has a guest house in the Plantation area. Devotees are provided with free food in the Temple Dining hall which has accommodation of 400-500 people at one sitting.

Various Cultural and Development activities are done by the Managing Team of the temple throughout the year which includes Agricultural and yoga camps, study and demonstration of medical shrubs and herbs, conducting sports activities, and more with the help of the money received in charity.

Hattiangadi Shri Siddhivinayak Temple is one of the visiting places in Karnataka with such a beautiful temple and surroundings covered with mountains and rivers. Tourist attraction to this place is increasing at a high rate and it would surely help the villagers to earn a good amount for their families. As a citizen, we just have to care for cleanliness during our journey and also, motivate others to do so. It would be a wonderful experience to visit this temple and will relax your mind from all other tensions.

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