Few Facts About Agumbe

Updated: Jun 28

There may be a hundred reasons to stay indoors but both mountain and beach lovers are found all over the world. If you are someone who is a mountain person then you should know that India is a tropical country where you get pretty much everything covered, from sea to mountains to deserts or islands. The beauty of elevated portions with great steepness and charm of the favorite food, and perfect stay is what mountains are all about. No matter where you go the steepness makes it very alluring be it a snowy mountain or a lush green forests.

Why is Agumbe Famous

India is known for its beauty Himalayas and the Ghats - both eastern and western. Well, it is the Western Ghats that India is popularly known for because the mountain range covers nearly 6 States Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, and Tamilnadu. The 16000 kms stretch of this particular Ghats is widely known for its agriculture, biodiversity, and majestic beauty. Residing in the very surrounding Western Ghats, there is a beautiful high-altitude village known as Agumbe.

Agumbe- The Cobra Capital

Agumbe is known as one of the elevated dense beauty of Karnataka, located in the Shimoga district of thirthahalli taluks. If you are a mountain person then Agumbe is a must-visit place for you. Due to the dense forest of the Malenadu region, Agumbe is titled a cherrapunji of South India where there is heavy rainfall and is among one of the rainiest places in the country. Several things talk about agumbe when it comes to its rich biodiversity, freshly appealing waterfall and the most colorful sunset over the Arabian sea not only makes it worthy of your time and money but also picture-word at the same time.

Agumbe has been called several names because of its diversity in wildlife but the most beautiful one is definitely “The Cobra Capital" of India and it is because of the number of cobras found there. It makes us all clear the fact that while exploring the Western Ghats in the Agumbe region you encounter several wildlife species that you have never come across before. Be it Adventurous or Non-adventurous person, one is always welcome to the region of Agumbe as there is an abundance of tracking and tourism options available with beautiful cotton fields, the best part about visiting this region of Western Ghats is that Agumbe is associated with the rainforest conservation to preserve the wildlife.

Agumbe - Cobra Capital

Five Reasons To visit Agumbe- The Cherrapunji of South India.

The very first reason that you must visit Agumbe is for the savage wildlife and the beautiful conversation it holds with thousands of wild species in the dense forest making it one of the must-visit places in India by wildlife lovers.

  • The beauty of Western Ghats is being experienced in the region of Agumbe shivamogga district of Karnataka and the nicest part is that it is just 55 km away from the Arabian sea so you get both the experience of beach and mountains altogether. This particular reason makes Agumbe the finest place to visit for both the mountains and beach lovers.

  • Another great reason is that it is very near to the coastal town of Udupi and as Udupi is one of the most famous tourist spots in the state of Karnataka you can visit places in one tour, so you should pack your bags and rush to Agumbe.

  • Waterfalls can be another big reason for you to visit Agumbe because we all know that Karnataka is a state of waterfalls and especially the district of Shimoga where the famous Jog falls are known for their wild beauty and Epic scenes. Well, it has some of the most mesmerizing waterfalls such as Jogi gundi falls, make Abbi, Bikaner, and, many more. The sunset viewpoint is also the greatest beauty that overlooks every other scenery of the forest valley.

  • The best part about visiting Bombay is the details, one of the most budget-friendly places with a very efficient communication altogether which makes it pretty for all the travels across the country and world.

Agumbe -  The Cherrapunji of South India

Well, above are very few of the reasons you should visit Agumbe but more importantly, the reason lies within the vision of wonderful wildlife beauty, scenic waterfalls, and adventurous treks which are waiting for you in the lap of Western Ghats. So pack your bags soon enough and get a mesmerizing glimpse of nature. Since past two years have been tough and rough for all of us due to the covid and the pandemic held us recklessly at home, and as the unlock has started, wanting to explore the social life again is one of the major reasons that the ministry of tourism has again initiated safe traveling for the tourist all across the country and take your bags with safety and social distancing in the foothills of Western Ghats and enjoy the awesome nature of wildlife.

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