Activities in Bangalore

  • Zipline

    Being one of the longest and most thrilling Zipline in Bangalore, At wild valley experience the  Suspend disbelief and gravity as you zoom across beautiful vistas while ziplining. If your looking for extreme adventure this is the one!


  • Rappelling

    Rappelling is one of the most loved mountaineering activity. It involves descending from a hill or a mountain to the ground below with ropes and harness. At wild valley adventure retreat we provide the best and most thrilling experience of rappelling .


  • Russian Ladder

    This is the most loved activity at the best resort in Bangalore. Free fall ladder is to test your stamina and overcome fear. The task is to climb a 40 feet long Egyptian ladder, ring the bell tied at the last step and just to let yourself free and just! We will not tell you what happens next!


  • Jumaring

    Most unique and unusual way of climbing a tree or a mountain, unlike rock climbing , in jumaring you need to pull yourself up to to the next step. This creates a great sense of adventure and confidence !


  • Rock-Climbing

    Its time to test your zeal to reach the top! We provide you one of the best rock climbing experience at wild valley with natural rock and all the necessary safety equipment!


  • 6 Rope Courses

    One of the most popular activities to offer a variety of different rope courses to make it exciting at every turn of this course, walking on unstable bridges to cargo nets with every course is designed to test the unity of your mind and body.

    High Rope Courses ( 4 different course ) 

    Low Rope Games ( 2 courses)


  • Trekking

    When extreme athletes want to test their mettle, they're not going to take a Sunday stroll. They're embarking on the most extreme adventures of the world, tackling many different activities. 


  • Bonfire

    The fun of Bonfire with music can be understood by many of you who spent their time with friends from the evening till midnight. Others are missing a natural gift for all. Why wait?


  • Raindance

    Rain dance with the music is an opportunity for rare & lucky people. We all are tempted to go out whenever rain comes.  We have a setup of next level of rain - That is Mist+Rain+Music. You can't stop dancing once you are here.


  • Indoor Games

    After a full day of hardcore adventure, its time you sit back with your family and friends and enjoy the all time loved indoor games, We at wild valley adventure retreat provide





  • Outdoor Games

    Sometimes, you just can't beat the classics. Take to the field and enjoy most of the following outdoor sports. Happy.

    Cricket- Get your catching skills back on track with some morning cricketlaying!

    VolleyBall, Football, Badminton.


  • Swimming Pool

    The city of Bangalore has spread a lot & Nature has gone a bit far. We have brought back it to you. Our waterfall might be artificial but feel is real. while diving in the pool our waterfall is cherry on the cake


  • Paintball

    Tired of just playing PUBG on mobile?? its time you play PUBG- Live !! Get Your teams ready to play one of the most loved and played team live shooting game! Paintball X

    ₹ 250 / Person

  • Target Shooting

    Aim and shoot, its time to showcase your shooting talent. Or it could just be a small training session for the big paintball match.

    ₹ 100 / Person

  • Archery

    Take your time, concentrate and aim at the bull’s eye! Master the art of shooting arrows at wild valley adventure retreat !

    ₹ 50 / Person

  • Team Building

    Corporates are large pools of individuals working on different goals throughout their work tenure. The rewards of the work come along with many painstaking efforts as well. People often become tired or “burned out” making life pretty stressful. But the cure to these side effects is a day outing with Team activities & group games.  Our professional team building resources got this job to do for you. It will boost new energy in you so that you get back to work energetic & inspired.

    ₹ 50 / Person

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